The company started its origin in 1992 as SATES RICHTER. It was a company specializing in realization of horizontal road surface markings. The origin of the company was started by the Austrian investor – RICHTER CO company. His ambition was to expand to the Slovak market and his investment into the company were the marking mechanisms and the training of the workers for this professional activity.

After two years the Austrian investor left the company. Afterwards the company started its business as SATES s.r.o. and was recognized as the leader on the Slovak market in the area of horizontal traffic markings and succeeded in Czech republic as well.

Thereafter the company was successful with these activities in Poland and Russia.

At the turn of the years 1999 – 2000 SATES s.r.o. expanded successfully the activities as the implementation of vertical traffic markings, safety elements – the company created the division of construction activities focused on the construction of the historical centres and areas.

Gradually, several towns in Slovakia and Czech republic were reconstructed. Within these activities the company expanded to Ukraine.

sates-jezkoIn the period of 2004 the company significantly expands the activities by creating the division of the land construction with a focus on the reconstruction of industrial halls, sport halls and other objects.
In addition the company began with the summer and winter road maintenance.

saroute-logoSince 2006 the company has changed the business name to SAROUTE s.r.o. as well as the philosophy of the business especially with a focus on the Slovak and Czech market.
In this period SAROUTE s.r.o. has invested into the newest technology in the area of horizontal and vertical traffic markings and into the renewal of the technology and machines. SAROUTE s.r.o. has implemented into the activities the elements of exclusivity.

By 2012 SAROUTE s.r.o. has become professionally specialized company which actively applies modern technology in high quality and safety elements in Slovak and Czech republic.

Saroute s.r.o.

Slovak republic:
Mládežnícka 326,
017 01 Považská Bystrica

IČO: 316 064 58
DIČ: 202 043 9740
IČ DPH: SK 202 043 9740

Czech republic:
Zašovsá 750
751 01 Valašské Meziříčií, Krásno nad Bečvou

IČO: 268 207 06
DIČ: CZ 268 207 06
Telefón: +420 581 696 436
Fax: +420 581 696 463
Telefón: +421 42 4379 501-9
Fax: +421 42 4379 506
GPS: 49.121774, 18.427369

Ing. Ivan Hlavoň

+421 903 822 022

Simona Kučmová

+421 903 822 022